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Praise for Seeker of Stars

"With all the speculation surrounding the mystery of the Christmas Star and with all that has been written over the centuries cataloguing numerous creative attempts to explain its origin, surprisingly little has been revealed of the characters of the Magi themselves. Who were they really? What were their personal stories? What were the human natures of these strangers who traveled so far, risked so much to kneel and pay homage at the feet of a foreign, peasant child whose very identification could hasten their own demise at the hands of a demented King Herod? The author takes you on a journey that is as much about human nature and the spirit that draws us as it is about the Star of Bethlehem; as much about the universal embrace of the infant Savior as it is about the culture and mythos of the period. There is power in its telling as the Magi become more human and recognizable, the Christmas Star more astonishing and compelling, the Christmas miracle more poignant and personal without losing any of the mystery that is the story itself."

Doug Kranz
Pastor, Astronomer

"Susan provides a brief but exquisitely written look at a biblical character and a culture we know very little about, that of the magi. I loved it, wished it was longer."

Linda Hall, author

"With a design as durable as a Persian rug and equally as intricate, Susan Fish has woven a profound and tender story that is both contemporary and as ancient as the stars. Very moving, beautifully told. There are threads of mystery and yet we know the outcome; it's a journey story yet we are at home. This is a tale that will be told again and again and each time, when the star seeker reaches, we'll reach too and be forever changed. 'Destined to become a classic' is an overused phrase but I think it's true here."

Jane Kirkpatrick, Award-winning author
A Land of Sheltered Promise

"Susan Fish is a gifted communicator who paints with words. Her books are intriguing "canvases" that draw us in to the colourful stories and, in the process, make us feel and think and as we do our hearts are opened so that God can drop some nuggets in making us richer for the experience."

David MacFarlane
Director, National Initiatives
Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

"Fascinating, timely and challenging. We need such a work at such a time."

Michael Coren
Radio/Television Broadcaster, Author

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